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HTC One and Galaxy S4 Google Edition
Now that the Google Edition Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are on-sale and also in the hands of some of the US Tech sites, bits and pieces from the phones are starting to leak out and Google has also joined in by officially releasing the Kernel source for both devices.

Over on the Android Building Group, Jean-Baptiste M. “JBQ” Queru,Technical Lead, Android Open Source Project, has linked to the GPL files for the initial factory state of the Google Play edition devices. The files are actually mirrors, with the HTC One source also available on HTC Dev and as JBQ states, the source does Not include the proprietary binaries for either device and at this stage he is unsure as to whether HTC and Samsung have any plans to release them.

Now, the fun stuff. Droid-Life has posted the Boot Animation and The SunBeam live wallpaper that are currently exclusive to the Google Play Editions of the HTC One and Galaxy S4. Root is required to install the Boot Animation – which is 1080P resolution – but the Sunbeam wallpaper can be side loaded as long as allow ‘Unknown Sources’ is ticked in settings, I have tried on the Nexus 4 and unfortunately the install fails.

Boot Animation :

The next things we should see is full ROM rips from the devices or maybe the updated camera app, so keep checking back we’re certainly looking.

Source: Android Building GroupXDA Boot AnimationXDA Sunbeam.
Via: Droid-Life.
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Nick Tsiotinos

I’ve managed to install the Sunbeam Wallpaper on the Nexus 4 (Not Rooted).


Any news of Australia receiving these devices?

Daniel Tyson

Nothing at this stage. They’ve been designated US Only. HTC have asked people who want them to tweet at @googleplay on twitter


But that’s only in US. None of us business

Josh Michielsen

I don’t think these qualify as “leaks” in the typical sense.

Daniel Tyson

Not the GPL but the animation and wallpaper are certainly not available in an official sense so – leak.