Motorola - Google Company Logo
With the acquisition of Motorola by Google now just over 12 months old, it appears that Google and Motorola want to move forward with a fresh new look that associates the hardware manufacturer with their new parent company; the new logo sticks with the familiar M but adds ‘a Google company’ to the bottom to cement the association in customers minds.

Google has previously stated that they had between 12-18 months worth of inventory in the pipeline to clear before we started seeing Motorola products that were influenced by Google and this new logo would seem to co-incide with a possible launch of the much rumoured X Phone.

A tweet from EVLeaks a couple of weeks ago, listed specs for the Motorola Moto X that show a phone with specs that are what most people would refer to as ‘mid-range’ at best :

There are a couple of rumours floating around that the X Phone/X-Fone/Moto X could be launched in August but no invites or announcements have been made by Motorola. Keep an eye out for the new branding and let us know if you see it in the wild.

Source: TheVerge.
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Wow! Glad I didn’t wait for this one!

vijay alapati

1.7GHz dual-core ( Seriously …..)

MSM8960 Pro, (isn’t belongs to 2012….)

720p, (WHAT…..)

2GB/16GB, (ahhhh….)

10MP/2MP, (U Must be kidding….)

Android 4.2.2 (Hello this is 2013……)

better name this as EX phone instead of X phone


Depends on the price really……. Say $199 outright? It would be a hit!