THub 2 Android 4.0.4
Regular Ausdroid tipster Alex advised that he and other Telstra customers who own the T-Hub 2 are reporting that the Android 4.0.4 update has begun arriving on their devices. The update from Gingerbread Android 2.3.7 brings about a fresh new interface as well as allowing them to install updates to applications that require Android 4.0 as a minimum.

The Telstra Crowd Support has some information on the release and before upgrading, you should know that all bookmarks/history/cookies, as well as TuneIn Radio favourites/presets will not be retained without an external backup.

If you haven’t been prompted to update your tablet yet go to Settings > About Phone > Telstra firmware and check for new firmware on the tablet. The update is 192MB to download so it may take a while, if you haven’t been prompted to update your tablet yet go to Settings > About Phone > Telstra firmware and check for new firmware on the tablet.

Further information for users doing the upgrade should know :

  • Shortcut/Widgets of 3rd Party apps installed by customers on any on the Home pages will not be reloaded. Customers will have to re-create them. Note: The 3rd Party applications installed on the device will be retained.
  • Personalised settings of 3rd Party apps installed by customers may not be retained (application dependant)
  • Ringtone settings for incoming and internal calls. Telephone 1 and Telephone 2 become the default settings respectively.
  • Screensaver settings may not be maintained. If the screen saver setting cannot be assigned to the new set of timeouts, the screensaver timeout will be set at 30 minutes by default.
  • Wallpapers will be set to the new default. Customers will be required to manually update the screen saver page.
  • Default widgets will be reloaded, even if they were previously removed from the Home Pages under Gingerbread.

Good work Telstra, the upgrade does allow a lot more options to T-Hub 2 owners in that they can now install applications such as Chrome. There’s still a lot of work to do, the T-Hub 2 is now only a year behind on updates.

Thanks: Alex D.
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    Crap. Won’t run adobe flash for ABC I view or SBS on demand. While being a home phone the thumb was my sanctuary in the kitchen to catch up on news docks and other while the kids monopolise the TV. I hope telstra fixes this soon. Also can’t move apps to SD card


    …It’s not actually that bad. I have one and just the charging dock with really good quality speakers and sub are enough to merit it.
    in my opinion anyway. And hey, not bad for an android HOME PHONE.


    Brings it in line with Google Glass, awesome!

    Craig Muldoon

    I didnt even know that this thing ran Android. I always dismissed it as a legitimate product and figured it was just another bloatware bs product released by Telstra that is meant to imitate actual good products on the market. I still don’t think that I’m wrong about that, but hey, Android, cool..

    Sean Royce

    Lol this is pathetic.