Updated Camera App
The last we saw of Android 4.3 was it running on a Nexus 4 at the Thailand Mobile Expo, where an XDA user managed to take some snaps and a video of an updated Camera App that included a new interface. It appears that the updated Camera App doesn’t require Android 4.3 and has been included in the Google Edition Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

Android Central has their hands on the new ‘Google Editions’ and advises that the Camera App is slightly newer than that included on the supposedly ‘up-to-date’ Nexus 4, the camera App on the Google Editions is version 1.1.40012 as opposed to version 1.1.40001 on the Nexus 4.

Android Central reports that the ring launcher from the current Nexus 4 version has been updated to an arch that makes it easier to view settings without your thumb getting in the way. Some of the settings have been moved around a little with mostly the same options except for ‘White Balance’ which has been moved down a layer. The introduction of a timer setting has also been confirmed but apart from that the UI is reportedly a little smoother.

The video that was captured at the Thailand Mobile Expo for those who haven’t seen it yet :

The updated camera app should appear as soon as Android 4.3 arrives on compatible devices or perhaps Google is planning to launch the Camera App separately in the Play Store as per the AOSP Keyboard they recently released. Maybe someone can rip the app out of the System dump?

Source: AndroidCentral.