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According to an article from the Wall Street Journal, Google is cooking up some more Android based devices. The article claims that Google is working on a Smartwatch, Games Console as well as a followup to the shelved Nexus Q.

With Google leading the charge on wearable computing with Glass, there has been a renewed interest in other wearable technology. Smartwatches in particular are receiving attention from companies like LG, Samsung, Microsoft, Apple and even Qualcomm are apparently looking into a Smartwatch. The Smartwatch running Android rumour has popped up recently and was then re-inforced when Google filed a Smartwatch patent, so that is nothing new.

With the Ouya console launching at retail in the US this week and initially selling out online at Target and Amazon, there definitely seems to be a market for the low end gaming console. With Android devices at nearly a billion activations and Google firmly focused on the next 6 Billion customers; a low end gaming console running Android which could leverage the Google Play eco-system of Games, Apps, Movies and Music for those next 6 Billion people makes a lot of sense.

An update or ‘followup’ as a source speaking to the WSJ put it, to one of the coolest looking Nexus devices so far – in my opinion – would be more than welcome althoughn hopefully it would be as a lower cost device. The much maligned Nexus Q has received another blow overnight with the latest update to the Google Movies app, this update follows an update to the Google Music app straight after Google IO which removed Nexus Q compatibility and has left the Nexus Q even more useless than ever before, essentially making YouTube the only working app for the Nexus Q.

Nexus Q

While all of this is really speculation until Google actually announces a device, I would imagine the best option for Google would be to release some sort of Android on a stick device which delivers the functionality of the Nexus Q along with that of a gaming console rather than two separate devices. It would be a shame to see it hidden away though and if Google can make this theoretical device as good looking as the Nexus Q, they could be on a winner.

This is a lot of potential new Nexus devices and if all come to fruition, my wallet is certainly going to get a work out. But, if the family of Nexus devices is growing; for Google this would be a good thing in terms of reaching more customers for their services which is their primary goal with Android at this stage.

Which of these would you be more interested in? Smartwatch, Nexus Q replacement or Games Console?

Source: WallStreetJournal.
Via: Engadget.
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    vijay alapati

    i was planning to get the Archos TV connect. but i now want to wait for nexus Q (hoping it will mirror my phone 🙂


    I’d buy both a well styled smart watch and an integrated android gaming/ streaming/ set top box. Asuming the right price point.

    That said it would need gigabit lan and enough processing power to run xbmc without lag.


    What are you planning on streaming that you need a gigabit?

    Also the depends on the hardware and price. Although SoCs are nearly there for streaming 1080p (arguably you can do it now) but id still recommend getting a fusion or ion based pc. They are small enough


    To be honest 100mb would suffice, I should have said lan port over wifi. For non portable devices I still prefer the reliability of lan. That said I stream dvd .iso’s and if I’m really lucky blue ray rips but that might be a bit much for both the soc and the current android version of xbmc.