In case you’re not aware, Google, in partnership with HTC and Samsung, have given the United States what many of us in the tech community have wanted for a very long time – the ability to have the phone we want, free from any carrier or manufacturer bloatware. The Nexus experience on non-Nexus hardware.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world, though, we missed out – the Google Play Editions of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 aren’t sold internationally, and we can’t really import them either, as they are incompatible with the LTE bands we use in Australia. But fortunately for us, the chaps over at XDA-developers have gotten their hands on a pure, unadulterated system dump of the HTC One GPE, and have ported it for the rest of us. The ROM has been deodexed and pre-rooted, but other than that it’s exactly as Google intended. If you want to give the Google Experience a try, your One will need to be running a custom recovery, such as TWRP or ClockworkMod,and please, for the love of god, make a backup of your current setup. You can download the ROM from the XDA thread here.

Source: XDA-developers.
Via: Droid Life.
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I would just wish to get rid of the optus crap !!! that i never use !!! on my HTC mobile !

Piers McCarney

Coming from CM10.1 on a Galaxy S1, I have to say that I don’t see much point in this.
4.1.2 to 4.2.2 had a couple of nifty little things, but not a whole lot of game changing and I much prefer the look of Sense 5 to stock or Trebuchet launcher.

I’m curious how custom kernels might improve some elements of my One, but a whole stock ROM has no attraction to me.


Best way to “make a backup of your current setup”?

James Finnigan

Nandroid. Available through recovery.


Nice. If I installed this, would I still get OTA updates like normal? Or will I have to jump through the same hoops every time I want to update the software.

James Finnigan

The ROM comes deodexed and rooted, so I doubt it. But give it some time, and someone will come up with a way 🙂


It works well. Got in on my Telstra phone.

James Finnigan

Do you miss not having HTC’s proprietary stuff, like the camera software?


Just the camera but nothing else. The google camera is good enough for me but not as cool.


Please post your outcomes here if you flash.


Finally, might put it on today and see how I go 🙂