Tangerine Glass

An always-connected internet device isn’t much good without, well, the internet, but until now Google Glass has been limited to summaries of search results for information, with no ability to dig deeper into the underlying web pages. This all changes today though, with the XE7 update, which brings a full web browser to the headset.

Google has already thought of the difficulty in navigating a full website without any input devices, and has come up with some nifty gestures to help make it less awkward. You scroll up and down by running your finger along the headset’s touch panel, and zooming is accomplished by using two fingers. If you hold two fingers on the touchpad, the website will pan according to your head movements.

Voice controls have been upgraded as well, the user now able to answer calls and reply to text messages with voice commands. Glass will also read text messages to you when asked, and you now have access to all your Google contacts, rather than the ten-friend limit that was imposed before.

The update should roll out to the Explorer Edition within a few days, bringing Glass one step closer to that consumer release I’m so desperately waiting for.

Source: Google+.
Via: The Verge.
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    Seriously needs a seperate remote control either via a specific accessory or phone via bluetooth. I don’t want to keep bringing my hand up to the side of my frames.