Back in March, we noted that Google was just about to announce Google Play Gift Cards for the UK market, and then they did. Well, in the last 24 hours, we’ve seen some tips indicating that such a launch might not be far off for Australia, and let’s say this — we’re rather excited.

Let’s run down what we know.

Until this morning, the link known for redeeming gift cards ( was not active when accessed from Australia; it simply returned an error message. Today, however, it presents a vastly different result:


This is the first indicator we’ve seen that there might be a local launch coming soon. Unfortunately, Google Play Gift Cards purchased overseas do not work on this link when used from Australia — an error message is returned stating “The code you entered is not available in your country”. This is true whether the redemption is attempted via the web link above, or via the Play Store app on an Android device.


We have approached Google Australia for comment on this, and unsurprisingly, there’s no jewels to be found there. Google Australia representatives have told Ausdroid today that there is nothing to announce on the gift cards front. Whether this means that something is around the corner, and not yet ready to be announced, is yet to be seen.

Ausdroid has also put out the feelers to retailers, contacting major gift card retailers to find out whether any word has leaked out to retail channels. At this stage, this lives firmly in the rumour category, but the signs are slowly moving towards an Australian availability for Play Store Gift Cards soon.

What do you think? Coming soon? Got the inside word and think we need to know more? Let us know in the comments, or send us a tip.

Source: Jordan and another anonymous tipster.
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Google Play Gift Cards are now here in Australia. Was at the supermarket and they had a stand with them on.


I which they allow Promo codes like Apple have, so you can use those codes to give the app for free.

Daniel Tyson

The recent re-design of Google Play which emphasises the Wishlist feature says to me that Google is heading towards this, but just how far away it is, is anyones guess.


I have just replaced my crapple touch with a samsung galaxy tab 2.0 7″ which I will be using to listen to music and watch video’s on. Unfortunatly I will still have to use the crapple itunes store to purchase my music using the crapple gift cards. Hurry up Google as Apple have had this market to themselves for to long. Though it is good to see Google have the music manager available for both Android and Linux platforms. Once Google have the Gift Cards I can cut ties from crapple totally. Then all that is left is to cut… Read more »


Yeah, i got the same for my google wallet. I am wondering if i have a code maybe i will redeem now.

Sujay Vilash

Have been hanging out for Google Gift Cards in Australia for a very long time. Have even asked the question via G+ but gAust refuse to answer. My children have Android phones, connected to their own account and downloading their own Apps. Thus far, I have refused to give them my credit card information so having access to Gift Cards would be perfect. A win (parent)-win (child)-win (Google) situation from whichever angle you look at it. It makes a lot sense but I just can’t understand why Google is taking so long. They should have had something like this in… Read more »


Hey Google can you please launch the Chromebook PIXEL and drop the inflated prices on Chromebooks which dont need to be that much more expensive than in the US

Sujay Vilash

Wouldn’t this question be better of in AusChrome ? You might have someone from gAust Chromebook division actually trolling through that site and might just read your constructive feedback.


I had no idea AusChrome existed so I posed it here.

Daniel Tyson

Thanks Sujay, indeed, come on over to I`m very much following up on the Chromebook Pixel availability in Australia, unfortunately the news isn’t good so far but I’m continuously asking.

Sean Royce

They better. This is one of the main reasons that Google Play Store sales are so low compared to iTunes. Apple have gift cards all around the world. Google needs to get their act together.


Prepaid cards would mean that I could finally get my kids off the ipods and onto android stuff because I’m not giving them my credit card


You could get prepaid credit cards; or the kids could even charge Android apps from the Play Store back to their Telstra Prepaid credit 😉


Of course, finally launching prepaid cards in new countries would fit in quite well with a Nexus 7 Mk2 launch, and maybe 4.3 at the same time?


Prepaid cards for the store are awesome! Kinda like the iTunes ones. Although Google, I do really want Google Wallet here in Australia on my N4! I know it is possible through videos in this site itself but the guides to root and install Gapps are way too confusing.