Motorola’s upcoming Moto X just got a little more interesting, According to this ad leaked to The Verge, Motorola’s new device will be as unique as you are when it launches as it will allow for you design it yourself.

It’s unclear how far that concept will go in terms of what you can alter when ordering the device. The more reasonable options would be colours and patterns, as well as changing some of the hardware depending on what you’re after as an enthusiast.

According to some rumours on the internet, the Moto X could be announced in just a few weeks; as could Android 4.3. So stay tuned, it could get very real, very soon.


Source: The Verge.
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It’s probably something lame like custom 3d printed case/shell . Us customers only.


I choose to believe I can upgrade the hardware

I’ll have a 5″, 1080p, snapdragon 800, with 3gb ram, 64gb storage, sapphire crystal screen, Australian LTE, a great camera even in lowlight with a good flash and stock android 4.3.

And I’ll pretty much pay what you ask.

vijay alapati

remember…..too much of customisation from the manufacturer means too much of fragmentation….hope it is customisable to user after purchase….hope that makes sense…

Benjamin Dobell

I wonder if the concept will be similar to upcoming Jolla Sailfish OS phone ( In which case, that’s terrible news for Jolla.


Is there another page somewhere that actually describes what a Jolla is?

Daniel Tyson

Jolla is the company making Sailfish, a mobile OS that is being made by ex-Nokia employees based off the Nokia Meego mobile OS that was on the Nokia N9.

Essentially Jolla is already on the back foot, not only do they have to try to compete with two well established players in the mobile OS market – iOS and Android, they also have to compete with two ‘second tier’ players – Blackberry and Windows Phone and finally against the ‘third tier’ players Ubuntu and Mozilla with their Firefox OS.




Oooh! Depending on exactly what they’re offering, my next phone could very well be a Motorola!


Same. 🙂

David Anderton