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Galaxy S4 - Life Companion
According to articles in the Korean media, JK Shin, CEO and President of the IT & Mobile Communications Division of Samsung Electronics has advised that Samsung has sold 20 Million Galaxy S4s since they went on-sale back in April.

The Galaxy S4 passed the 10 Million units sold worldwide mark a month after the April 26th launch, so based on that we can extrapolate that sales have slowed month over month, albeit only slightly. Domestic sales for the Galaxy S4 in Samsungs home country of South Korea are apparently sitting at the half a million mark.

The Galaxy S4 has reached the 20 million units sold mark after just 68 days, while it’s predecessor took 100 days to reach the milestone. Samsung has previously stated that they wish to sell 500 Million smart phones in 2013 so this is certainly going to help them towards that goal. As Engadget points out, we’re days away from the companies next earnings call, so that should be interesting.

Source: inews24yonhapnews.
Via: Engadget.
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They haven’t released an international version of the 32,64GB yet, the specs aren’t that much better than the htc one and it also costs more than the htc one. Their marketing is really good.

Sujay Vilash

Any idea how many HTC One’s have been sold in the same period ?