Telstra has tonight confirmed that Google Play Store Gift Cards are indeed coming to Australia, advising Ausdroid that anyone purchasing an eligible Android handset between 2 July and 2 September 2013 will receive a $50 gift card to spend on Google Play apps, music, movies and books.

Eligible handsets include:

If you’ve purchased one of these after 2 July 2013, and before 2 September 2013, on a Telstra plan, the instructions to redeem your $50 gift card couldn’t be easier.

Simply locate your IMEI (the 15 digit number on your handset’s box) and send it as an SMS to phone number 810. Send it without spaces, dashes etc, and you’ll receive a 15 digit code back, which you can redeem at

While Google haven’t responded to a request for comment by the time of publishing, we know now that there’s clearly the infrastructure in place to offer Play Store gift cards in Australia.At the moment, we can only confirm Telstra’s giving them away to eligible handset buyers, but there’s absolutely no technical reason why Google couldn’t, if it were so minded, put these gift cards on sale tomorrow.

Will we now see Play Store gift cards available for sale alongside ubiquitous iTunes gift cards everywhere from Target to JB Hi Fi and the local supermarket? Here’s hoping so.

Source: Telstra Special Offers.
Thanks: Telstra Media.
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Just got my code, getting the error too : (


My Telstra supplied redeem code didn’t work on Google play. The store does not accept the codes from Australia. Telstra support just tell you to contact Google…after speaking to 5 people and wasting 50 minutes of your life


Yet I still can’t redeem my codes because it isn’t available in my country….

Daniel Tyson

Did you get a voucher from Telstra?


Yep, I bought the device from Telstra on the second. Got the code by texting the 810 number Telstra has setup.

And then when you try to redeem it… I’m sorry this isn’t available in your country. THEN WHY OFFER IT.

I’m sure there would have to be some law against it.


You can now. I did it just yesterday with a HTC One from Telstra.


all google have to do now is simply releasing them to big retailers like jb, eb, big w and list goes on


One small step for man one giant leap for Australian android usage


yep I can see redeem too on my Google play store app. Well bloody done Google.


i notice the ‘Redeem’ menu option has also appeared in the Google Play Store app.