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The release of the upcoming Motorola phone, which will allow you to ‘design it yourself’; the Moto X, is getting closer by the day now and true to form there are bits and pieces coming out all over the place.

Firstly, Motorola has taken to Twitter and Facebook to announce a signup page, which allows you to register your interest in the US made phone. :
Moto X Signup
If you’re interested you can head over to the Sign-Up page and enter your details.

In terms of customisation, according to ‘sources’ speaking to ABC News in the US, the customisations will be fairly limited :

Through a website, buyers will be able to select from a palette of different colors. One color can be used for the back case and another can be selected for the trim of the phone. Users will also be able to engrave a name or message on the back cover as well as upload a personal photo through the site to be used as the wallpaper on the phone’s screen, according to people familiar with the rollout.

Customised versions will be available for purchase through the website, however standard versions will be available in US Carrier stores. In terms of specs the phone will launch with Android 4.2.2, not 4.3. Hardware is still being rumoured as being the same 4.7″ 720p screen with a Snapdragon Dual-Core MSM8960 Pro, 720p, 2GBRAM and 16GB of On-board storage with a 10MP Rear Camera and 2MP Front Facing Camera.

Over at AndroidCommunity, they’ve apparently found a picture on NoWhereElse of some of the backplates that will be available, however their tipster advises that there will be 16 colours available in total, including blue, purple, green or red/pink.

With regards to Australian availability of the Moto X, when we spoke to Motorola Australia yesterday they advised they had nothing to announce with regards to any regional availability on any new phones.

We were tipped some months ago that the Moto X or X-Phone as it was known as at the time, would not be coming to Australia. The logistics of creating a customised phone and shipping from the US would be a rather large feat for any company; customisable computer companies Gateway and Dell actually setup factories in Malaysia to allow for timely delivery of computers to countries in the Asia-Pacific region. With that in mind, it’s highly possible that we may either get either a non-customisable Moto X or just skip the device altogether.

What do you think of the Moto X coming to Australia? Will it be as customisable outside the US?

Source: NoWhereElseABCNewsMotorola.
Via: AndroidCentral.
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Sujay Vilash

After all the hassle I had with updates to their Google Experience Xoom I Tablet, I promised I would never purchase another Motofail product. So neither this phone nor the customisability (apologies if this is not a real word) does not interest me one iota. To me, Motofail missed the boat by annoying their loyal fans, of which I was one. That is why I purchased the HTC One 🙂


If that’s all they’ve got, they are in BIG trouble. Replaceable backs, woo hoo – the 1990s called and said hi.

I still think they are going to have to deliver some level of hardware tailoring – otherwise the market will eviscerate them for big time failure to deliver and obsolete specs.


If this is what we can expect from Googleolla then I await their enviable failure. The guy that the local market can swap out the factory case on dozens of phones so I don’t see the point.


Remember Eric Schmidt has said that all the things delivered until around the end of this year are stuff that was in the pipeline prior to the merger.

This is the tail end of pre-Google Motorola.


I hope your right


Oh well, now I really don’t care if this doesn’t make it to Australia

– Choose the colour of the back plastic cover? Don’t care.
– Engravings on the plastic? Yep, don’t care.
– Upload a picture to Motorola so they can set it as your background? LOL, yeah…
– 2012 specs on a phone that’s supposed to compete with the HTC One, Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S/6? Oh dear.

Yep, good luck Motorola. You’ll need it.


You forgot the custom trim, not that I’m sure that’d change your mind or mine for that matter. I don’t mind the idea of custom colours but it’s not enough to make me buy a phone.


It depends on the pricing – it’s rumoured to be around half the price of the HTC One and Galaxy S4.