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Earlier this week we saw that the ABC updated their Android app to allow streaming of ABC-developed content. The comments on this and previous posts on the ABC app have shown that there’s a big demand for the ABC iView service (currently available on iOS and desktop) on Android.

In view of this, Ausdroid reached out to the ABC to find out about their plans for an Android version of iView. Sally O’Donoghue, Manager of iView and Internet Broadcasting, advised us that the ABC is definitely aware of the interest, and that the ABC is working on getting official support for iView on Android.

We are investigating the alternatives to Flash, and a proof of concept is being developed at the moment. We’re optimistic that we’ll find a solution which provides a stable, secure alternative to Flash, and meets the requirements of our content rights holders.

The ABC appears to have run into issues getting content to Android devices since the termination of Flash support for Android devices. Flash was used from iView’s inception to provide a stable and secure delivery platform for video content – this allowed the ABC to provide content rights holders with the security that they need.

We’ve heard most of this before, and not just from the ABC – most online broadcasters have had to deal with a transition away from a Flash-based platform in the last couple of years. It is notable however that an iView app has existed on iOS — which, of course, have never supported Flash — for some time now.

The news that a proof of concept is in development is great to hear. We’re told this is happening in tandem with a general redevelopment of iView which will allow them to more easily target various screen sizes.

The best bit? We’ve finally got an ETA:

Delivering an iView app for portable Android devices by end of the year is our aim.

Great news for Australian Android users, though it can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, the addition of ABC-produced content to the existing Android app will have to do.

TV stations releasing Android apps has been a theme this year – Samsung has an (eventual) exclusive on Foxtel Go as well as Seven News and Plus7 apps preinstalled on Galaxy devices. Whichever way these apps get to Android, we’ll all benefit in the end.

Are you looking forward to ABC iView coming to Android? Let us know in the comments!

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Really want to see this, as Aview stated on their app I think ABC has updated something and now Aview isnt working. Please make this ABC !!

Lewis Brickhill

The end of 2013 is upon us! Any update?


Yes I am, like fibre to the home. Why does greed always get in the way?

Dan the Man

Yup, Aview is awesome, I find it unbelievable that ABC have dropped the ball on this.

Aview Developers

Yeah, so we got frustrated by the apathy of the ABC and made our own. It’s on the Play store now, feel free to tear it to shreds.

I should note that it’s fairly bare bones at the moment but we have plans to make it better. And it’s open source so, you know, patches welcome.


Tomorrow would not be to soon. Would not have purchased an android had I understood it did not recieve ivew


The sooner the better. 50% of my tv viewing was through iview. Now its zero because its very hard to balance the tv on the bed.

Joel Reid

I have been able to run iview on the stock browser for the tab7.7 and my S2 for a while (I have an old flash app installed). Would prefer an app though


Dr Who on my Nexus 7. That makes me happy.


You guys can have iView on Android when we can get PLUS7 on Android 😉

Joshua Hill

Isn’t that to do more with Samsung and an exclusivity arrangement?

Not that that’s any justification

Joshua Hill

One is a commercial provider and one is the national provider funded by Australian taxpayers. Not really the same comparison.


Perhaps my tongue in cheek comment was lost.

Joshua Hill

Ohhh I was wondering why anyone would actually want the PLUS7 app. Well played sir 😀

Joshua Hill

About time it’s disappointing that our national news provider has taken so long to address such a large portion of the market. What am I paying my taxes for? Certainly not to subsidise Apple users access to iView when Android users don’t have access. Not good enough ABC!


Yep. Your taxes only go to ABC’s iView for android development program… It is a shame that it’s taken a while but I am happy they are progressing on it. Thanks for investigating ausdroid, I was starting to wonder after all these updates

Joshua Hill

A user misrepresents me to try and make me look bad. When I call them out on it and use the word n*b my comment ‘awaits moderation’! Did the other posters comment need moderation for being a personal attack and a misrepresentation???

Joshua Hill

And Ausdroid completely censored my comment. Which was pretty much the same as the one above. I’d like to ask the moderator/editor of the comments here how waffles personal attack (which I’ve stated a number of times is a misrepresentation to make me look bad, not sure if that falls under defamation?) is allowed but me using the word n0b isn’t allowed?


Sorry Josh, I was not trying to cause offence, I just think the ‘What am I paying taxes for?’ statement can be a bit overused. That said I didn’t dedicate the core of my comment to what you said, but rather to the hope that we get the app and/or more information soon…

Joshua Hill

Did I say all my taxes went to the ABC? Did I say all of the taxes the ABC received went to iOS development of iView?

NO, and yet this is what your implying. Try not to be such a n0b.


The alternate is release a browser that it will run on natively. Why do we need all these apps that can simply be done in a browser ? Unless they add things over and above the website, such as logging in and creating play lists etc we should have a functional browser. It is one of the reasons I love my surface, it isn’t perfect by a long shot but I can do a lot with it without a shedload of apps filling my storage.


They’ve been saying this for ages. I doubt it’ll be released this year.


Oh pleeeeeaaase be earlier. Its been developed for so long now.