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Google Maps is the king of maps at the moment, of course Nokia fans will argue for Nokia Maps, Microsoft fans will argue for Bing Maps and the iOS crowd will argue for…..well, let’s face it Google Maps ;). But, they all work on the premise of entering an address to find a location – 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View will get you to Google, but a new service called what3words will find it a different way. To put it in their own words :

We’ve carved up the world into nearly 57 trillion squares of 3 metres x 3 metres with a what3words address for each of these.
The 3 words for each location can be communicated by email, sms, or simply by telling someone the words in a phone call.
With the app you can get the 3 words for any location in the world and share with others, or use 3 words you have been given to find a precise location

And it works, enter in bases.mugs.bumpy at their website – and you’ll get to 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View. Now, where we do come in? Well,they have an Android App, wellactually they have two – What3Words and What3Words for Tablet. The app is actually pretty bad they seem to be a mere HTML5 wrapper for a mobile website, but they’re there and it’s got the potential to be really cool, especially when thinking about how locations are shared in some Asian countries. The app is worth a look as is the service. The app also seems to leave the GPS tracking on constantly even when not in use.

To monetise the service they’re selling single word associations instead of three, so if you like the idea and want a cool way to direct people to your house, you can associate a location with a single word for about AUD $1.55.

The Apps are pretty tiny, 638KB for both Apps, both are free to download and work on Android 2.3.3 and upwards. Have a play and

Found a good deal on an app you’d like to share? Are you an Australian developer with an app you would like reviewed? Or have you found a most expensive app on the Play Store? Let me know! You can tweet me or email me.

Free Apps of the Day

Amazon App Store Free App Of The Day

Finger Hoola
Develop your dexterity and unwind your mind in a new gameplay experience. Spin rings around your fingers and escape into a world of ambient sound, abstract shapes and unique touchscreen hula physics. Grass skirt not required.
$0.00 – was $0.99

App of the Day(Au)

Slots Wheel Deal – free slots
Win big in the world’s first live, multiplayer, FREE slot machine game with the added excitement of a game show!

SavingNot really sure what the saving is today, the App is usually free. The ‘App of the Day’ App describes it as the 100% Emotional App of the day, so it could be anything.


TimeAct To-Do / Tasks List
Our life’s rhythm dictates us to manage our time with wide spectrum of schedulers and reminders. The cloud solution for your personal assistant is optimal way to support your personal reminder/scheduler experience on all your gadgets with one service transparently. No problems with battery discharge or device loss. TimeAct is a plain to-do list and simple personal assistant service to manage your time.
$0.00 – was $1.00

Today’s Apps

Clean Widgets
Trial: N/A
Clean Widgets is a collection of home screen widgets for Android phones and tablets. It contains two clocks, two battery meters, and toggles for 8 different settings (Airplane mode, auto-sync, auto-rotate, Bluetooth, brightness, flashlight, vibrate mode, and WiFi). All of the widgets have customizable colors and backgrounds, and many have other options that can be changed.
$1.09 – was $1.99

Jump Desktop (RDP & VNC)
Trial: Jump Desktop Free (RDP & VNC)
Leave your laptop behind. Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere.
Jump Desktop is a powerful remote desktop application that lets you control your computer from your phone or tablet. Compatible with both RDP and VNC, Jump Desktop is secure, reliable and very easy to set up. A streamlined user interface gives you the best possible remote desktop experience on any of your mobile or tablet devices
$5.22 – was $9.99

aCar Pro Unlocker
Trial: aCar – Car Management, Mileage
Use aCar application to log activities, manage and keep track of your vehicles: Fillups, Fuel Mileage (a.k.a. Gas Mileage or Fuel Economy), Maintenance, Services, Expenses and Trips
You can keep records of your cars, trucks or even your bikes; and have all of them under control.
$3.29 – was $5.99

Beauty and the Beast
Trial: N/A
The bewitching tale of beautiful Belle, who must leave behind her father and sisters and live with the Beast in his enchanted castle. Can she really find happiness and her own true love?
$0.99 – was $1.99

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries
Trial: N/A
Access to more than 50 basic dictionaries for 30 languages included! Download them after installation right from within the app!
$1.09 – was $5.99

Field Compass Plus
Trial: Field Compass
Field Compass Plus is an easy to use and unique compass app, great for Hiking
$0.99 – was $1.99

GPS Test Plus
Trial: GPS Test
All your GPS information in one app. Large colourful easy to read screens.
$0.99 – was $2.99

Today’s Games

Twisted Lands: Insomniac
Trial: N/A
Make your way through a creepy mansion, a decaying lighthouse, and the eerie corridors of a sinister hospital to help Angel unravel the mystery surrounding her true identity. An incredibly thought-provoking, and equally disturbing back-story will unfold as you solve each puzzle and watch the pieces gradually come together. Be hasty, because time is limited!
With many gripping locations to explore, suspenseful mini-games to complete, and the best visuals to delight in Twisted Lands: Insomniac is a true must-have for hidden-object game lovers! Are you ready to trudge through all the psychological horrors concealed in Shadow Town? Then set off on the journey to sanity in Twisted Lands: Insomniac right now!
$2.18 – was $3.00

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