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HTC have released their second quarter results from 2013, and things aren’t looking great, but it could have been much, much worse. HTC have reported a profit of AUD $44 million after tax from revenue of AUD $2.57 billion.

This news is much better than last quarter in which HTC reported profit of $2.7 million from revenue of $1.58 billion. The better results from the second quarter are due to the release of the HTC One to more markets and more availability of the device after delays in manufacturing in the first quarter.

But while the results are better than last quarters, in comparison to a year ago, HTC are looking to be in trouble if they can’t find more income. This time last year HTC reported profits of $269 million from revenue of $3.31 billion.

So from last year their profit has fallen $225 million (83.64%) and revenue has fallen $740 million dollars (22.36%).

HTC’s share price on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange has also taken a hit. Since the start of July it has fallen $1 leaving it at $7.20.

All money in AUD currency

Source: HTCReuters Finance.
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Thanks mods 🙂


So HTC One is doing worse than HTC One X?


They should join Samsung.


Your cousin doesn’t even make $51 a week. You’re a fake.


This is bad news for HTC. They really need to spend a lot of money on marketing.

Even though HTC made the first Android device, their name is not well known by the general public.

The HTC One is one of the best Android phones available right now, but ask people on the street, and they have heard of Samsung, Sony, maybe LG, and that’s about it.


They have upped the marketing for the One in australia, i see ads for it on tv quite a lot, but i still agree with your statement as i still get people asking me what my phone is (htc one x). I think a major problem with them is their hardware support, once a phone is a year old, they seem to just not want to have anything to do with it. The One S just got it’s update cancelled recently, and let us not forget the dumping of ICS from the Desire HD when it was promised. Even the… Read more »