The latest update for the Chrome browser for Android brings the version up to Chrome 28 and adds some features which were introduced into the Chrome Beta for Android back in May The biggest updates in this release are the introduction of fullscreen browsing for tablets, a new User interface for right-to-left languages, Google Translate as well as stability and performance fixes.

The Google Translate addition, allows for automatic translation of pages that are not displayed in your default language; with Chrome automatically detecting this and offering to translate pages to your default language.

Fullscreen browsing for tablets, which has been available on phones for a while, allows you to scroll down the page and have the toolbar disappear from view completely offering more screen real estate for viewing the content you want.

The new user interface mode, gives users who speak languages such as Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew that use a right to left style, an optimised interface that takes the Right-to-left into account.

The update is rolling out through Google Play as a staggered update to avoid issues, so you’ll have to keep checking Google Play to see if the update has reached your Android Device. As usual, Chrome for Android is only available for devices running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, or later.


Is it odd that Google is running Chrome Beta as a seperate App and not running it as they do their newly introduced Beta system for Google Play Apps

Source: Chrome Releases.