Rumours of a new Nexus 7 are heating up again. This time, it’s a report from the Economic Daily out of Taiwan, which has some info on specs, as well as a tentative release date. The post claims that the new Nexus 7 will have a 1920 x 1200 LCD display, 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064) processor, LTE support, 3,950 mAh battery, 1.2 megapixel front-facing camera, 5 megapixel rear-facing camera, 2GB of RAM and storage options of 16GB and 32GB. These are very similar to the specs that were reported by an Asus Support Rep earlier this month. However, since nothing has been confirmed yet, this is still firmly in the rumour category.

The other big point to take from the Economic Daily report is the suggestion that Google and ASUS will have the tablet available by the end of July. This could mean that an announcement is just around the corner. This is all just rumour and speculation at this point, so it should all be taken with a large grain of salt, but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out in the next few weeks. We will definitely be following this story, and will make sure to bring you any confirmation as soon as we get it.

When do you think a new Nexus 7 will be released…or will there actually be a new one? Do these specs interest you?

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Peter Massey

I’d definitely upgrade as long as they address the performance issues.

I’m starting to find my N7 really lags doing certain operations and from my Google-fu it appears to be hardware related, insofar as its underpowered and/or lower quality and notice huge lag spikes at time, mostly web browsing.

If the new version addresses this, then I’m sold, otherwise .. NEXT!


S4 Pro? I hope not! On a 7 inch Full HD display, they might be revisiting the problems with stuttering that the Nexus 10 has when action games are played.

A Snapdragon 600 should be the minimum, an S800 would be a bonus that I would gladly pay an extra $50 for, as it is a generation above the S600.

Joshua Hill

I assume the Mali GPU was underpowered for the high res display on the Nexus 10.

As the gpu’s on the S4 Pro and snapdragon 600 are essentially the same (the CPU’s differ far more) a snapdragon 600 would be unlikely to improve gaming fps compared to the S4 pro.


the difference between the S4Pro and the 600 is a letter T on the end of the model number. I am thinking, and hoping, that the leaks have just not included this. I find it hard to believe that they will put the same processor in it that they did the N4 last year.

vijay alapati

Of course, it will have LTE, as per my understanding all the previous nexus didn’t have them because the earlier versions of LTE radio didn’t support multiple bands, But the new chips will support multiple bands and this makes google to have a single device for all the countries (Like iphone5). Hope i’m not wrong


Ahh rumours….


Purchased the original Nexus 7 for my father, and was quite impressed with it.
With specs such as these, I’ll certainly be looking at grabbing one! ^_^