Overnight Rovio Entertainment announced that the next installment of their hugely successful Angry Birds Star Wars franchise, will be heading to App stores world wide on September 19.

Focusing on the sometimes maligned Star Wars prequels, Angry Birds Star Wars II will introduce a wide roster of 30 never-before-seen new characters which players will be able to use – although they refused to comment on any rumours or speculation that Jar Jar Binks will be part of this new character line up. You will also, in this new installment also be able to “Join the Pork Side”, so some of the new characters could include some Angry Sith Birds.

To compliment the new line up of characters, Rovio has partnered up with Hasbro to create the physical merchandising – because who doesn’t want a whiny Anakin based Angry Bird? Hasbro and Rovio will release 30 collectable TELEPODS, figures which can be placed onto your smartphone or tablet’s camera that can be scanned directly into the game that allow you to select new characters on the fly. But the merchandise doesn’t stop there, there will be new toys, plush, books and apparel released when the game comes out in September.

You can check out the video below which – eventually – shows you what TELEPODS are and how to use them, as well as some gameplay video.

So does the idea of the TELEPODS tempt you to consider downloading and playing Angry Birds Star Wars II??

Source: Rovio Entertainment Blog -