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After a few delays, Foxtel Go’s Android app is now available for the Samsung Galaxy S3, Note II and Note 10.1 running Android 4.1 (Jellybean) or above. Officially no other Samsung devices — and non-Samsung devices — are supported, but once the APK is ripped, that could soon change..

Foxtel Go is a 48MB download so be sure to connect to Wi-Fi if your data limit isn’t very generous. The app, once installed, gives Foxtel home subscribers access to 60 live channels wherever they have an internet connection on their mobile device — again, keep an eye out for data usage. There is a limit of 2 Foxtel Go devices per account.

So head on over to the Samsung Apps store, download Foxtel Go, then tell us what you think!

Source: Samsung AppsFoxtel Go.
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Thanks, but my One is not rooted and not sure I trust myself to do it. Any fool proof ways to root a HTC One?


Not available if you only use xbox on 360 yet..how many retriction money makin bs can there be


Actually its 3 registered devices per account but only 2 can watch at the same time.


Confirmed working fix for those with rooted devices:

1. Reboot device
2. Install Hide My Root from Play Store
3. Open Hide My Root
4. Click Hide Su Binary
5. Run Foxtel Go and enjoy


FFS…..Can’t play on a rooted device! Someone needs to get a work around!


I installed it on a note 10.1 did an app pack up installed on my Sony Xperia Tablet, after installing successful I open Foxtel Go it thinks and just says its not compatible with my device at the moment…DOH!


any way round the ‘cant watch foxtel go on rooted device?

Timothy Westman

Cant watch on a rooted device!!! FML


Yes, please lets get the .apk so we can install it…… it is not that hard!!!


…I downloaded it on my Galaxy Note 2 i’m using as a door-stop, but they could have at least made it ready for my Note 8 LTE. Peasants.