Sunday , March 18 2018

HTC infographic states that ‘smaller can be better’

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Enough photos and information has leaked out about the HTC One mini that I feel confident in saying that the device is clearly real. As to when HTC might announce it officially, that’s anyone’s guess.

This morning though, HTC put out an infographic entitled ‘Small things that pack a big punch’, which details a number of small-but-still-awesome things from the mantis shrimp to Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones. The infographic was prefaced with this:

The HTC One, nearly everyone agrees, is the pinnacle of smartphone achievement. The beautiful metal design, powerful hardware, and innovative user experience pack a lot into a svelte package, making it hit with critics and consumers alike. This success has only boosted our passion to bring the One experience to as many people as possible.

It seems unlikely that this is anything other than a knowing wink to the tech community, who love leaks and rumours, but hopefully it means that HTC will be launching something small of their own in the near future. We all know the HTC One mini is real, HTC, just announce it already and put us out of our misery.


Source: HTC.
Via: Android Central.

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2 Comments on "HTC infographic states that ‘smaller can be better’"

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Ausdroid Reader

ummmmm….? Could have been a good idea, but terrible execution.

vijay alapati
Valued Guest
vijay alapati

when will they learn how to market a product……

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