Leaked renders allegedly showing off HP’s first ever Android smartphone were published today by Phone Arena.


While there has – of course – been no information regarding specs, pricing or launch dates – let alone whether such a device will come to our shores, it would be awesome to see HP get into the Android smartphone business and complement their fledgling tablet series (currently available through various Australian retailers).

What makes this interesting is a quote from a “young, senior HP Director, Yam Su Yin” stating that the company was planning on returning to the smartphone business with a “unique model” and that “HP has to be in the game”.

Would you like to see HP enter the Android smartphone market? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Phone Arena.
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Already disproved as a fak (via Android Authority)


[Update] HP PR reached out to us today to say the following statement:
“This is not an HP phone. The photo is a fabrication and is not a photo of anything HP has in the works. Someone is making stuff up.”

Andrew Palozzo

Unique model? Pleaseee.. this is the biggest iPhone rip off ever..
I say this has to be a fake, no way could they launch something looking like this.

Joshua Hill

My thoughts too, looks like an HP iPhone running Android!