Samsung and Vodafone have come together in a fantastic initiative to promote the recycling of electronic waste. As well as getting a good feeling by encouraging the recycling of e-waste, Samsung and Vodafone are also offering the opportunity to win a GALAXY S 4.

On the subject of e-waste in Australia, Kim Clarke, Chief Marketing Officer for Vodafone Australia said

“It’s shocking to think that last year only one in ten Australian e-waste items were being recycled, when about 16.8 million TVs, computers, printers and other accessories were being thrown into landfill.”

Vodafone has been aware of the effects of e-waste for a while now and been offering an Eco-Rating on their phones since last year.

To continue their efforts to address e-waste in Australia, Vodafone has partnered with Samsung, Planet Ark and e-waste recylcers Mobile Muster and TES-AMM to receive your e-waste in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane so you can drop off your old, unused phones, MP3 players and even that old discman lying around in your cupboard.

The roundup starts this Friday 19th of July in Sydney at Customs House in Circular Quay, they will be receiving waste between 7:30am and 11:30am. Next will be Melbourne on the 23rd of July, you can drip in to Federation Square between 11:00am and 3PM to drop off your stuff. Finally, Brisbanites are welcome to drop in to Brisbane Square (Reddacliff Pl) on July 26th between 9am and 1PM to have your turn.

At each location Vodafone and Samsung will be showing off the Galaxy S4 on the new superfast Vodafone 4G network and you can win one of three Galaxy S4s they’ll be giving away every hour they’re there. That’s a total of 36 Galaxy S4s being given away across the three cities. But, for those of us who don’t live near one of these locations keep your eyes on the Vodafone social media in the coming weeks, they’re giving away 4 Galaxy S4s on each of their Vodafone Facebook and Instagram accounts (one per week, per account for four weeks) to lucky followers.

The campaign for responsible disposal and recycling of e-waste will be pushed pretty hard by Vodafone across the next fortnight, Kim Clarke has put the challenge out to other Australian companies, saying :

I am proud that Vodafone offers an Eco-Rating for mobile phones, allowing consumers to make an informed choice about the environmental and ethical performance of many of the phones we sell and I would certainly encourage our competitors to do so also.

We certainly hope that some of the other big names in Australia jump on-board with this concept and start encouraging customers to do the right thing with their old electronics.

While we don’t advocate quite going down the path shown here, Vodafone have produced this short video demonstrating that so many of the gadgets we use in our daily lives can be contained in the palm of your hand.

How much e-waste have you got lying around your house? Think it’s time to de-clutter?

Source: Vodafone Big Life Switch.
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I give my old phones to friends and family. Or just pack them away in the Old Stuff drawer.

Phones are small and easy and often re-sellable. Someone needs to do this for CRT TVs. They are the real curse of chucked out electronics, and no-one will accept them.

Alexei Watson

wow, those are good odds, and I have a mobile and printer sitting on the bench at home that needed to be tossed. Too bad I don’t live in a major city.