Smartphone Sales
Well this is probably nothing new to us all here, but it seems that the numbers for Smartphone shipments are steadily climbing and over the next few years will almost double their current rate. Research firm IHS are seeing a trend in their data that shows smart phone shipments are expected to grow to 1.5 billion globally by 2017.

IHS has released data which shows that by the end of this year, smartphone shipments will reach 897 million units globally, up from 712 million in 2012. Growth of sales is expected to hit 1.1 billion units shipped next year and they expect 1.2 billion units to be shipped in 2015, and 1.4 billion in 2016.

Chinese OEMs are playing a big role in the expansion of smartphone shipments, with brands such as Coolpad and Gionee outshipping the likes of even HTC and Motorola in the first quarter, although Samsung remains the king of the Android smartphone world.

Whilst Apple is somewhat expected to lead the charge this year for smartphone shipments, IHS is stating that sales for iOS devices are essentially flat at around 150 million units shipped this year, which is still an increase on the 134 million units shipped last year. so could this mean Android will continue to grow whilst Apple declines  – maybe who knows.

Senior IHS Analysis Wayne Lam has gone on the record on Wednesday as stating

The possible slowing growth of the iPhone and the rapid pace of competitive smartphones releases speak to the ferocious nature of the handset business, especially now as the market continues to pivot from a market dominated by lower-end handsets known as feature phones to one that is increasingly smartphone-centric

Innovation from companies with regards to larger screen devices and bigger batteries driven by consumer demand are the main factors in the numbers shipped, but one cannot help wonder if untapped emerging markets categorised as ‘the next billion’ could help to fuel these shipments. Lower cost handsets from both Android OEMs as well as the emerging low end Nokia Asha and Lumia range may help in this regard as well.

It’s a good time for smartphone sales for all companies regardless of mobile OS, and it appears that smartphone sales are continuing to climb and are likely to do so for a long time to come.

Source: IHS.
Via: C Net.