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Motorola get points for keeping the Moto X at the forefront of the news, seemingly strategically leaking tidbits here and there so that there’s always something out there for people to see. This latest pic comes from @Evleaks and purportedly shows off the Moto X press shots.

Also released this morning was a report from TheVerge which says they’ve been tipped to the reported specs on the device, apparently it will come with a 4.5″ display and come with a dual-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon MSM8960T CPU and 2GB of RAM – all of which marries up with the specs reported by @evleaks a couple of weeks ago. Body wise it will come with a removeable Kevlar shell which is in keeping with Motorolas Razr line of phones which have favoured the material since their release. The tipster on TheVerge also advised that the phone will come with almost stock Android 4.2.2.

We´ll certainly know a lot more about this phone on the 1st of August and we can only hope we may see it on-sale in the Google Play store here as well as overseas.

Update 21/07 07:30: @EVLeaks has tweeted this side profile shot of the Moto X:
Moto X Side

Update 21/07 12:00: @EVleaks has tweeted a render of the white Moto X:

What do you think of the design of the Moto X?

Source: EVLeaksTheVerge.
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I’m sorry but fail fail fail.

When Oppo makes a better phone then you, are you are suppose to be a leading innovator in the mobile industry it’s time to buy a mirror and have a long hard look



They’re all starting to look the same..


Yawn, im so over hearing about this phone actually. Please move along!