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Emergency ID Australia, the current leader in Medical Jewellery and Emergency ID products has designed and released a new App which displays your In Case of Emergency(ICE) information as a background wallpaper on your phones lockscreen.

The new app which costs $2.99 is available in Google Play and allows users who could possibly require medical assistance due to a allergies or pre-existing medical conditions, to input data that could potentially be helpful to people or emergency services staff trying to assist them.

Nicole Graham, Director of Emergency ID Australia started designing the app after a career in Emergency Services:

When I was working in the Emergency Services, we looked at people’s phones to try to find their details but they were often locked or password protected so any potentially useful information was inaccessible.

Once the app is installed, your important information is displayed as a wallpaper on the lockscreen of your phone, information that can be displayed includes :

  • Current Medical Conditions
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Medical History
  • Doctors Name & Contact Details
  • Specialists Name & Contact Details
  • Where Hospital Records are Kept
  • Medical Insurance Details
  • And Importantly who you would like called in an Emergency and their contact details.

Screenshot 2013-07-22 at 11.58.04 PM

As Ms Graham points out :

In an emergency situation the ability to find important details quickly can mean the difference between life and death. As someone who has undergone major surgery and had numerous doctors, procedures and medications to keep track of, I understand how difficult it can be to recall everything, particularly when you are ill, injured, or shocked – and obviously impossible if you were unconscious.

The app costs $2.99 and is available for devices running Android 2.1 and above. Check it out in Google Play.


Source: EmergencyID.
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    Tried the app called “emergency info screen”. Fantastic, even allows me to display my blood group and that I’m a organ donor.


    Another emergency iPhone app is called ” Emergency Info Screen”.


    This is great, more flexible and simple to use

    Sandy Edgar

    I’m not paying to have that ugly thing on my lockscreen. I’ll stick with the ICE entry in my contact list and use an app-locker when I go out.

    Nicole Graham

    The screen is designed to attract attention with its international emergency checks. ICE is not supported as an adequate way to contact people and often cannot be accessed due to phones being locked. Also ice does not tell people of medical information etc.


    I think items like these should be free of charge and the cost be recoup from medical companies that see a market in this type of products, like companies that say make insulin, or high blood pressure , or even your local dr’s as a form of customer service for their patients, even health insurance companies. I am sure there are plenty of ideas. these were only a couple of minutes

    Nicole Graham

    This is a APP designed and developed by Emergency ID Australia and costs thousands to produce so therefore a small fee of $2.99 is charged to recoup those costs.

    Alexei Watson

    But, this feature exists in stock android? Settings > Security > Owner info.

    Displays a scrolling ticker on your lockscreen for whatever info you want.. mine has ‘if found: +61xxxxxxxxx, [email protected]

    I get that it isn’t a bright red in your face feature, but it’s there.


    The problem, Alexei is how many people using Android know about that part of Settings? How many people do not fill it out? I would venture to say that on the majority of Android devices, that part of Settings is void of any data.

    Alexei Watson

    Very true, it’s a pretty hidden feature; I think that if you have medical conditions that need to be found you would look for such a feature though, and would probably be aware that emergency services will check for an ICE contact, and look for bracelets etc.

    The bright red paid for lock screen doesn’t leave any guess work I guess, but it’s pretty invasive to your phone for the rest of the time when you aren’t in danger.