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It seems that Motorola – and by extension Google – might be looking to produce a followup to the MotoActv, or join the rest of the tech world in producing a smart watch, if the current job listing for a Director Industrial Design – Wearables that has been placed by Motorola Mobility is anything to go by.

The job, which went up on Thursday US Time, will be based at the headquarters of Motorola in Chicago, Illinois. Motorola is looking for candidates to fulfill the position who will:

Provide strategic leadership, champion innovation and institute best practices to create a new world-class wearable’s [sic] design group within Motorola.

The big question remains though, what does Motorola mean by the term “wearables” and how will this play out if the rumours are true that Google are looking to create a nexus smart watch?

Dennis Woodside – CEO of Motorola Mobility did state a few months back at AllThings D D11 Conference that Motorola was working on and had a few things in the pipeline. Maybe this is the next step for Motorola to help create and diversify the company but to also stem the losses it continues to rack up for Google.
So would Motorola be able to design and create wearable devices like a smart watch? Could or should they compete with the likes of a Nexus branded wearable device?

Source: Tech Crunch, and Motomobi.

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