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LG has posted a new video in the lead up to the August 7th launch of their new flagship. The video whilst well produced, doesn´t actually reveal a whole heap of new information. Although, some could point out the ‘Learning from you’ slogan atop the above image as something which could reveal something about what LG has in-store with regards to software.

The video essentially leads through a whole host of interesting statistics regarding your life, from how many thoughts the individual person has on a day to day basis – 50,000 – to how many people you will come in contact with during your lifetime – 95,000 -, but in the end it´s the trailing pic at the end of the video which shows off the back of the G2 that shows the back mounted volume keys that caught my attention.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think :

While you’re at it, check out the LG G2 Countdown page.

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vijay alapati

Again an other trailer, which doesn’t show anything abt device, why spend millions when user doesn’t get impressed to buy the phone, hate to say, but Apple ads are much better