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If you have ever owned a Samsung device, you would have been familiar (or not) with Samsung’s own marketplace app, affectionately called Samsung Apps and it’s own music hub (aka Samsung Music Hub) which were separate from each other, but Android police are reporting that Samsung has combined these apps into one huge app called Samsung Hub.

Whilst the combined Samsung Hub was first brought out under the Galaxy S4, it now also brings video to the store, which seems quite odd given that Samsung are trying to take on Google Play Store directly through its own major app. Whats more interesting that Android Police are further reporting that the new Samsung Hub App can be downloaded from Google Play directly.

Upon having a look on the Play Store on my Galaxy Note 2, the app doesn’t seem to be available as of yet, however it maybe pushed out to  Samsung devices through the Music Hub and Samsung Apps stores directly. Though it does seem the app isn’t getting any good reviews, with the below screenshot taken again by Android Police from the Play Store directly:


So really its not looking good initially for Samsung Hub, almost like the Facebook Home app debacle, but like anything it does take time to eventually get the mix right. The app is already available in Google Play if you have a compatible Samsung device, head over and check out some screenshots, but it appears we´ll have to wait for it to be pushed to devices eventually.


Is Samsung doing the right thing combining their Apps, Music and Video hubs into one super app?

Source: Android Police.
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Joshua Hill

I am familiar with the way Samsung apps can’t be un-installed and constantly intrude on you to update them even though I’ve never used them.