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Swiftkey has announced a brand new beta version of their popular keyboard alternative called Swiftkey Cloud, that offers some fantastic new features which some users will recognise as coming straight from top of their want lists.

Swiftkey Cloud is offering both Tablet and Phone versions of the new beta, both of which are available to download from their website, all you need to do is download the APKs for the new Swiftkey 4.2 and you’re able to take advantage of the new features as well as existing once such as Swiftkey Flow. Swiftkey Cloud offers three main new features – Backup & Sync, Trending Phrases and Enhanced Personalisation.

Backup and Sync offers the ability to backup and sync your dictionary across devices. As soon as you migrate to a new device your highly configured dictionary can come with you. There is no need for Swiftkey to have to re-learn the people, places and things you type the most. It uses your Google+ for the Swiftkey Cloud backup.

Swiftkey will now analyse the latest trends on Twitter as well as other news sources, to automatically offer the current Trending Phrases right into your suggested words. New Hashtags or events that occur will automatically popup without you having to even type them. Swiftkey will offer this first for US and UK English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, but will begin offering it for more languages soon.

Swiftkey has normally learned all your favourite words, names and phrases from your SMS, Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, but they’ve now added one-click authorisation for Gmail and Facebook to make it easier and faster to learn your lingo – Plus they’ve also added Yahoo Mail to the list of sources that Swiftkey will learn from.

The best part of this new update is that for all for current owners of Swiftkey, once Beta testing is completed, the new features will be rolled into a free update and be accessible from all the usual places such as Google Play, the Amazon App Store and AndroidPIT.

You will have to download and sideload the APKs, so you will have to go into your settings and tick the box to allow ‘Unknown Sources’ if you want to participate in the Beta trial. Also if you drop by the Swiftkey VIP Community to offer any feedback it will greatly benefit the whole project.

I don’t know about anyone else but cloud sync has been on my want list for a long time due to the amount of devices I own and use on a regular basis, this adds another reason for Swiftkey being my goto Keyboard replacement. If you’d like to try out the new features, head over to the Swiftkey website to download the latest updates now.

Source: Swiftkey.
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Just a pity I can’t use my favourite keyboard on my Note 8, still waiting for handwriting support…


OK first prize in the keyboard competition for to swiftkey. the sync feature is exactly what ive been waiting for.