The new Nexus 7 was released this morning and a landing page has gone up in the US ahead of pre-orders going live next Tuesday the 30th July. One of the things listed on the site is the first accessory for the tablet – a Sleeve style case.

While some thought that a Qi compatible wireless charger would be on offer at launch to facilitate the wireless charging component that Google advised was in the new Nexus 7, they’ve gone down the path of a basic sleeve. Technical information for the sleeve is as you’d expect pretty basic :

Size: 130 x 215 x 20 mm
Colour: Black Outside/Grey Inside
Weight: 105 g

The Sleeve is priced at $30(without shipping) and the stock availability is listed as ‘Coming Soon’. So, if it’s not available in the US, whether this will be available in Australia at launch with the tablet is anyones guess.

The original Nexus 7 travel covers took some months to become available for sale in Australia, and even then were available at Retail long before finally being made available from Google Play.

You can check the sleeve out for yourself on Google Play and see the ‘Nexus 7 Sleeve (Black/Grey) is not available in your country.’ message for yourself.

Will you order a Nexus 7 Sleeve with your new tablet?

Source: GooglePlay.
Via: Gottabemobile.
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Also disappointed not to see a Qi charger. Will be most impressed if they release one that supports both the Nexus 4 and 7.


I saw the travel cover for the nexus 7 2013 on the Asus site. No price, bright new colours (from 4.3 wallpaper?)

Andrew Palozzo

ugh.. surely it’s not just me, this thing is ugly, expensive and kinda useless right?


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does it have magnet for auto unlock device when.. unzipped.. and removed.. oh..


Oh no, it’s the enemy of my tablets, the Zipper

Alexei Watson

does it have magnet for auto unlock device when.. unzipped.. and removed.. oh..

Nick Bryant

*does slow hand clap for Google*