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Chromecast Android App
It’s not even available outside the US yet, and is sold out just about everywhere in bricks and mortar retailers and online, even the Google Play store is advising 3-4 weeks for shipping now, but the Chromecast HDMI key is probably the most popular and intriguing of devices we’ve seen for some time. To help all the possibly thousands of new users setup their new Chromecast, Google has released the Chromecast App for Android.

The app is at this stage pretty limited, although most of your Chromecasting will be done from the individual apps, but this app appears to be mainly used to help setup your Chromecast devices on your home wifi network :

  • Set up your Chromecast to work with your Wi-Fi network
  • Manage your Chromecast settings (such as changing your device name, Wi-Fi password, etc.)

The app which is free in Google Play is compatible with devices Android 2.3 and upwards. You’ll obviously get the most usage out of this app once you can get a Chromecast device so, let us know in the comments if you managed to secure a Chromcast dongle before they sold out in the US.

Update: Seems the app is set to US only at the moment in Google Play. We’ll have to wait for the Chromecast launch in Australia to get an ‘official’ look. Until then, if you did manage to get a Chromecast sent from the US, then the APK has been posted over on XDA-Developers and we’ve added a mirror to the APK here


Source: XDA-DevelopersGooglePlay.
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    A lot of stories for a product that isn’t available in this country.

    Daniel Tyson

    You think we should be waiting for the release in Australia?


    More along the line of you are teasing us. We hear all about it but can’t buy it.
    Maybe the story should be are we getting it and who have you chased to find out.

    Daniel Tyson

    We are chasing it down, but unfortunately companies involved – Google and Australian electronics retailers – have not answered.

    There are already a number of Australians who actually did manage to purchase Chromecast using US Shipping forwarders to get them here to Australia and we are catering to them.

    Rest assured as soon as we hear something that is news we will share it.

    vijay alapati

    Where is the link for play store

    Daniel Tyson
    vijay alapati

    Sorry , was looking at the mobile site, i think we dont see the widget on mobile site