Pocket Casts
Everyones favourite Android podcasting App – Pocket Casts – could soon have Chromecast capability built-in at least according to a tweet sent out from their twitter feed this morning.

There’s not much more to say at this stage, Russell from Shifty Jelly advised that they have a few Chromecast dongles on the way from the US and they’ll be looking through the APIs and Chromecast SDK when they get here to see what they can do.

We’re a long way from actually getting it implemented at this stage but so it seems is a release of Chromecast dongles here in Australia. What other Apps would you like to see Chromecast capability included in?

Source: Shifty Jelly.
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    Tim Marshall

    ABC Iview app that is coming to android (though they should add it on iOS too) if the android TV sticks become chromecast devices as well then they will be the ultimate media players, should happen round about the time the cheap ones get the CPU power to push 1080p without upscaling


    Yeah. iView would be nice. Ditto the SBS app (even if its iOS only currently). Also the Crunchyroll app. Plex too, as that might be a way to stream content from a LAN over the ChromeCast thing.

    Michael Goulding

    I use iMediaShare to send my pocket cast vids to my smart tv using dlna and I love it.