Nexus 7 Free Shipping
Google is obviously looking to clear out remaining stock of their 2012 model Nexus 7 by offering free shipping – ‘For a limited time only’. The Retail price on the three Nexus 7 variants has however, remained the same : $249 for the 16GB Wi-Fi, $299 for the 32GB Wi-Fi and $349 for the 32GB 3G model. A number of Australian retailers have apparently already begun dropping the retail price of the Nexus 7 which already has no shipping charges on it.

The $20 saving will be a small comfort to some, but with the general public beginning to become aware of an updated Nexus 7 coming down the line, Google will have to really make some sort of price drop on the Nexus 7 to make a dent in any stored inventory on the Nexus 7.

What deals have you seen on the Nexus 7(2012) models?

Source: Google Play.
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