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With the announcement by Google of Chromecast a number of developers have begun looking at adding the function into their apps. As there was a pretty good reception towards the news that the ABC was actively developing an iview App for Android, we asked the ABC if they too intended to add the functionality into the iview App.

Sally O’Donoghue, Manager of iView and Internet Broadcasting, advised they were aware of Chromecast and investigating the possibility of adding it to the ABC iview Android App :

Our main objective for now is to provide a great experience when watching iview on a range of Android tablets and phones, and focussing efforts on releasing an app as soon as we can. That’s our first priority.

We definitely recognise its potential in the living room to make iview’s deep library of TV content even easier and more enjoyable to navigate. Given the positive take-up of iview via Apple’s AirPlay functionality this is something we’ll consider and evaluate, for sure.

So, even if Chromecast capability doesn’t make it into the initial launch, it could be added to the App as an update fairly easily at a later stage.

If the ABC can get the Chromecast function into the iview App prior to launch, then the other piece of the puzzle is obviously local availability of the Chromecast key. We’re certainly trying to chase any information with regards to local launch of this highly anticipated device and we’ll update as soon as we know more.

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    Mic Heen

    Very lonely without SBS on demand, otherwise CC is indeed awesome.


    Chromecast is here, and awesome, but lonely without IVIEW.


    You know as much as I’d love this added to the iOS/Android app, would they really do anything before we see chromecast (and other googlecast devices) sold in Australia?

    Who knows how long we’ll wait for google to sell this locally.


    Can anyone told me is that necessary for ABC to develop an app which using chromecast? TV is already there, why you don’t watch ABC just on TV?


    For when you miss what was on TV last night 😉


    sounds good

    Joshua Hill

    Poor TV reception issues but good.WiFi or mobile data reception.

    Tim Marshall

    we are cordcutters with no aerial, iview is amazing for us,watching programs when you want to is a boon also.. on iOS it also has queueing features and alerts for new eps of your favourites, you could queue up a ten episode doctor who 2005 marathon this week for example, all without a computer,smart TV or TV aerial, pretty rad


    Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please let them make a good app with ChromeCast.

    Sean White

    Huzzah, these are both things that I am actively waiting for