The launch of the Moto X is all anyone seems interested in these days and with the launch set for the 1st of August in the US, there could be good news for those in the US in regards to getting their hands on the device in the very near future.

According to Tayler Wimberly – ex-owner of AndroidandMe – the Moto X could be launched on to US carriers as early as next week. He posted this entry onto his Google+ page

Now whilst this has caused a quite a bit of a stir given the hype over the Moto X recently, there are still conflicting reports on the release of the Moto X outside of the US. An initial report back in April advised that the Moto X would not come to Australia, a more recent report suggests that Telstra at least are testing the device.

Will they/won’t they, hopefully the launch this week sheds some light on both the phone and international release details.

Do you think the Moto X will be launched in Australia? When?

Source: Taylor Wimberly.
Via: Android Authority.
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I will only buy if it is unlock, no bloat please.


I’m only interested in this device if it comes with near enough to stock Android and prompt OS updates. If it’s sold through Telstra it will be full of carrier bloat and almost certainly locked to whatever version of Android it ships with.

It needs to be available worldwide, unlocked on the Google Play store.


The only carrier bloat on the Telstra Moto Razr HD was Telstra’s single app. No splash screen or anything. I don’t see why the Moto X, if they do end up carrying it, would be any different…


Fair enough. But how many OS updates has it had via Telstra?


The manufacturers need to stop this carrier bloatware crap and take care of the updates by themselves…..


The carriers won’t run devices on their networks unless they can “test” them and add their carrier branded bs software. It’s not the manufactures that are the problem. It’s the carriers and always has been.


It’s a shame that Android manufacturers are dictated to by the carriers while it seems Apple dictate their terms to the carriers. Such a shame that the only options for a modern handset with reasonable software update timeframes are a Nexus or iPhone.


If apple can do it


Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Apple have one version of their OS running on a handful of very similar devices. Android has a number of versions of its OS, skinned and unskinned, running on hundreds if not thousands of different devices.


I retract my statement that it’s entirely the fault of carriers that users of Android devices don’t receive timely updates. Manufacturers love doing a royal butcher job of Android with their custom skins, overlays and “features”. This definitely contributes to delays in OS updates. It’s just that carriers are usually at the end of the line in the update process and typically have the final say.