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It has been a rumour now for quite a while but it seems that Samsung have in fact made a SmartWatch according to sources at Samsung-Updates who found a listing for the device on Zauba, a site which appears to list import and Export data for India.

The sources at Samsung-Updates have further confirmed that Samsung Germany have received a prototype of the rumoured smartwatch and have begun testing the firmware for the device. No other European country has confirmed receiving any prototype for testing purposes which is leading speculation that Samsung could possibly launch the product at IFA 2013 in Germany.

The shipment notification from Zauba, shows that three of these devices are enroute with a listed price of 24,442 Indian Rupee – roughly AUD $447 each.

SamMobile have confirmed with their sources that the Samsung smartwatch is real and being tested with firmware version – V700XXUAMG8/V700OXAAMG8/.

With shipments of smartwatches set to expand and increase over the next year to somewhere in the region of 5 million units, along with rumours that Google, LG, Apple and Motorola are also looking to make similar devices, the competition is heating up.

Do you think Samsung will launch a smartwatch at IFA 2013? Could it beat the Sony smartwatch to market?

Source: ZaubaSamsung Updates.
Via: SamMobile.
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“roughly AUD $447 each”

Wow! Almost $450! Why not stick your Galaxy S3 to your wrist with a Velcro strap?!

Daniel Tyson

Most likely just insurance estimate gone awry. It’s only a bill of lading after all….that said, if it launches at retail for that price, it’s dead to me.

Juan Mackie

I really like the idea of Glass a watch just seems a backward step to me

Ben Lee

At that price, I agree.
Pebble, with its price sub $150 is a nice intermediary wearable before going upto the $500-$1k+ mark for Glass…