Galaxy S4 advertising continues to compare directly to the iPhone

Samsung continues it’s extremely un-subtle approach to taking on the iPhone in their latest television advertising campaign. The commercial shows a discussion between an iPhone user and an owner of the Galaxy S4, they discuss various features of the phone, like Simple Mode as well as the Smart Pause function for video. Samsung has also made efforts to say just how easy it is to switch to a Galaxy S4 with a minimum of fuss and bother.

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The advertising is certainly a dig at what Samsung feels is the Apple closed eco-system approach and by comparison how easy, simple and open they feel that Android and the Samsung eco-system is to not only switch to but use for all new users. Check out the new commercial called ‘Galaxy S 4—Ready for Take-off’ and see what you think.

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Last modified on 30 July 2013 9:18 pm

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  • I'm a converted Android user, but I will give Apple credit for the overall package you get from day one. I had to download some apps to fill functionality gaps that were there from day one with my old iPhone. On the flip side Android gives me access to apps and options that were not possible on iOS. I honestly didn't find Android as enjoyable at the start but I couldn't go back now. The Apple maps, standard iOS keyboard and lack of big screen options for iPhones are killing that platform.

    • What apps are they missing? the iphone comes with like 10 apps..
      Android will never be a mirror of iPhone nor will it ever cover the people that are die hard Apple people.. its Android. its for the ones of us who like to tinker. Who love to customise and actually be individual. Samsung are just trying to fill the massive void between the two platforms.. in some ways over complicating/ trying too hard to do so. But they are Samsung... they make billions of products not just phones. I think some of these adds are funny but are too aggressive in the end. Funny they only show these in the states and not over seas so much. Samsung Australia is a lot more subtle

      • For me I hated the standard keyboard, browser and mail app on my S3, I honestly preferred the iOS standard equivalents. Though this is where Android wins in that I had a plethora of choices to replace all these which trump the iOS defaults. Not a massive fan of touchwiz either so added a different launcher. Again this is what makes Android great.

  • This reminds me of: vegetarians who eat something that made of vegetables but tastes "exactly like meat". I mean.. If you don't want to eat meat, then don't get a substitute that tastes exactly like it. With Samsung switching: why would I switch to it, even if it is easy!?. Samsung is successful I give that to them. But I like my nexus.

    • I'm not really sure I see your point here. I've been a vegetarian for about two years now and I eat the fake meats. I'm not a vegetarian because I don't like the taste of meat; I'm a vegetarian because I don't like being responsible for killing animals. Animals are both adorable and delicious. It's just a cruel fact of nature.

      But back on point, not a fan of the ad and not a fan of Samsung.

      • yea, sorry. I'm starting a new argument huh. I will say anyway. The animals you wouldn't want to eat/kill, are the wild ones - those are living their own life, then human comes and kills them, yep. But The ones which were born and raised with that sole purpose (let alone the fact that they most likely have a much better life than if they lived in the wild, careless of surviving and hunger) - they wouldn't have life anyway. Also, you wouldn't be responsible for killing animals anyway. People kill animals for fun (hunting, sports) - if you do that, then you are very much responsible. But if they (for example, at your friend's place) bring you meat, then you take it out of your food and throw it away?

        And back to the point. Similarity - if I want to have an iPhone, I wouldn't care if some other phone is very similar to it, so that I can easily switch. I switch, when I don't like the iPhone.
        I didn't like windows, so I spent a lot of work trying to learn on my own about Linux and setting it up. It was quite hard and I spent lots of days reading about fixing problems in different distros, coz there was no fix for mine, etc... Just saying that Apple will have a problem, once people will be unhappy about iOS. And as long as they keep people happy, easiness of switching to Samsung doesn't matter too much.

    • Roman, how would a vegetarian know what meat tastes like, to be able to say that the vegetable stuff tastes "exactly like meat"?
      As for the ad, it just feels ugly, clumsy and contrived.

      • Because, most of the time, people become vegetarians at certain age. Like 15, 20, 30, etc... therefore, they know what meat tastes like from when they "were not vegetarians". Sugar-sweeteners and butter-margarine things are quite similar too in that sense.

        For the ad, I agree. My problem is that if I don't want to convert (If I am happy with my device-family), I wouldn't care less how easy it is to pick up a device from another manufacturer.

  • Frankly that commercial was unrealistic. The so called Apple user didn't bring up any of the REAL advantages of the iPhone - it's heavy, feels like quality, expensive, exclusive and oh so fashionable. In other words everything that's important in a telephone all rolled into one and simply can't be beat.

    • I could continue this with a reply to an obvious troll comment but will not.

      There are benefits to both iOS and Android platforms, what mobile OS once chooses, does not define you as a person. What is right for one person and feels 'like quality, expensive, exclusive and oh so fashionable' is not necessarily the same feeling echoed by another person.

      Let's all just keep it calm please.

      • Don't really see why it is trolling. Someone raises the point that the ad was unfair (I am not saying it is true or false. just arguing that it is not trolling). Trolling would be some stupid comment without any real feedback and explanation on how it could be improved.

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