HTC just can’t catch a break lately, despite having one of the standout handsets of 2013 in their arsenal, their revenue and profits continue to tumble quarter over quarter. After a vaguely promising second quarter of 2013 on the back of substantial sales of the HTC One, quarter three of this year is looking to be not as promising according to the latest forecasts from HTC.

HTC has advised that their revenue for Q3 will be between USD $1.7 billion and USD $2 billion, missing analysts predictions of USD $2.75 Billion. While, actual profit could fall into the red, which even a manufacturing giant such as HTC can not sustain for long.

Hope that an advertising campaign from star Robert Downey Jr, as well as continued strong sales of the HTC One, may help to put a halt to the current downward trend in the companies fiscal position. Sales of recently announced handsets – the HTC One Mini and Butterfly S – could also help stem the tide, only time will tell.

How long can HTC sustain this decrease in revenue and profits? How would you try to rescue the company? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Reuters.
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Piers McCarney

Honestly, it amazes me they are doing so badly.
I’d love to see some figures on how well they are doing business in different markets.
They may not be the giants that Apple and Samsung are, but I see a LOT of HTC handsets around, not even just the One but quite a lot of (usually profitable) mid-range products.


The main problem that HTC face is their after market support (ie: updates for devices). The main comments i see on forums and in comments on sites like this is for the above. They may be sales hungry at the moment (which company isn’t) but to sell their products, and then not care about them a year later is slack (no 4.2 update for One X, releasing phones with old OS, going back on promises of upgrades). I am a big fan of HTC and love their products and love the HTC One, but even now i am thinking of… Read more »


Honestly I hope that HTC can somehow continue to stay in the market as their innovation is needed in the Android scene, in terms of design and functionality. The HTC One is a knockout, smooth UI and solid buid. By far one of the best handsets released in 2013. I kinda wish Google bought them out instead of Motorola.

Sean Royce

Motorola is also in need of help.

Sujay Vilash

Google bought Motorola for their patents not the hardware. HTC don’t have a lot of patents whereas Samsung seems to have quite a few. HTC make sensational handsets but innovative ? Lack of patents says otherwise. Never-the-less, I love my HTC One.