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After releasing a version of Microsoft Office for iOS back in June, Microsoft has just released their Microsoft Office App for Office 365 subscribers using Android devices. The app is at this stage only available for phones running Android 4.0 and upwards. At this stage tablets are not included in the list of devices compatible with the app.

To use the Microsoft Office app you’ll need a ‘qualifying Office 365 subscription, including Office 365 Home Premium or Office 365 ProPlus’. If you don’t have a subscription you can sign up for one over on the office.com website.

Feature wise according to the Google Play page is fairly feature rich, if you are a Microsoft Office user :

  • Cloud – With your phone, you can access Office documents that are stored on SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro, or SharePoint.**
  • Recent Documents – Office Mobile is cloud-connected. The documents you’ve recently viewed on your computer are readily available on your phone in the recent documents panel.
  • Email Attachments – You can view and edit Office documents attached to email messages.
    Office documents look stunning:
  • Great-Looking Documents – Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents look great on your phone, thanks to support for charts, animations, SmartArt Graphics, and shapes.
  • Optimized for phone – Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been optimized for the small screen of your phone.
  • Resume Reading – When opening a Word document from SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro on your phone, it automatically resumes at the place where you left off reading, even if you last viewed the document on your PC or tablet.
  • Presentation Views – The Slide Navigator view in PowerPoint lets you browse slides faster, while speaker notes help you practice your presentation.
    Make quick edits and share:

  • Edit – You can make quick edits to Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.
  • Documents Remain Intact – Formatting and content remain intact when you edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents on your phone.
  • Edit While Offline – Your device doesn’t have to be continuously connected to the network to work on an Office document that is stored online.
  • You can view and edit recently used documents even while you’re offline. Your changes will be saved online when your device reconnects to the network or to Wi-Fi.
  • Create – You can create new Word and Excel documents on your phone.
  • Comments – You can review comments that have been made in Word and Excel documents on your phone and add your own comments.
  • Share – When you’re done with your edits or comments, simply send the document in email or save it to SkyDrive or SharePoint.

Microsoft has advised that the app will be rolling out to US customers first with plans to roll out to 117 markets and 33 other languages ‘soon’, so you may have to wait a little while to access the Android App in Australia.


Are you a Microsoft Office User? Are you looking forward to this when it arrives here?

Source: GooglePlayMS Blog.
Via: TheVerge.
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    David Rossi

    Just installed on my Nexus 4 (with an Australian Google Account) so looks like they’ve enabled it for Australia.

    David Rossi

    Just installed on my Nexus 4 (with an Australian Google Account) so looks like they’ve enabled it for Australia.

    Sujay Vilash

    Office 365 Home Premium comes with 5 device licenses. I wonder if the Android phone/tablet (when it does come) will take up one of these licenses ?


    “Installations of Office Mobile do not count towards your PC and Mac install limit.”

    This was cut straight from the email they sent me (even though as of this morning it’s still not available in Australia).

    Sujay Vilash

    @CaptainMalarkey:disqus … Thanks for the info. It is good to know. I was seriously thinking of getting Office 365 Home Premium for home and this little bit of information makes it a certainty.


    By making tablets an invalid device for this app, MS have rendered Office unusable on the very devices that would have been best to run Office on.


    Got a free 4 year Office 365 University subscription when I bought Office University 2010 a while back, guess I’ll try this out later when it becomes available.