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It seems that Google-owned Motorola still has a couple of tricks up its sleeve for today’s Moto X launch in New York. A couple of hours ago, a Chrome extension named Motorola Connect appeared on the Chrome Web Store.

The Chrome extension appears to offer access to your phone’s SMS features and lets you see caller ID details for incoming calls.

The full description:

Send and receive texts from your computer.
Motorola Connect allows you to see text messages and calls coming into your Connect enabled phone on your computer’s Chrome browser. You can read and respond to texts using your keyboard and even know who’s calling before deciding if you should reach for your phone.

Motorola Connect is currently supported on Moto X, DROID ULTRA, DROID MAXX and DROID MINI.

The Chrome extension also shares some of Android’s modern card/holo-based look and feel, based on the screenshots. It’s currently unknown whether the connection is made over your local network, bluetooth or a cloud-based solution.

Motorola isn’t the first company to try offering users the ability to see texts and calls on their computer, but this might be one of the simpler implementations of it on the Android side. Disappointingly, the feature seems limited to Motorola’s own devices at the moment.

While the devices listed aren’t available in Australia (Droids are only available on Verizon in the USA, and we’re still hoping to hear of local Moto X availability), the 20 supported languages might hint at wider availability of some or all of them in the weeks to come.

Would you use these features on your computer, or do you already? Let us know in the comments!

Jason Murray   Assistant Editor

Jason Murray

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Do people still SMS?


Sounds a lot like AirDroid. If this didn’t suck battery and was just on the whole time it would be cool.

“I need to send an SMS, but my phone is out of reach, and AirDroid isn’t running. Mehh.”

Andrew Palozzo

I already purchases DeskSMS to do that. Since then though MIghtyTXT is a free alternative which is equally as powerful…

Justin Flynn
Justin Flynn

Yeah mighty txt is pretty amazing

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