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Bing Lee
I Like Bing Lee…even more now that they sell a Chromebook. Looks as though the JB Hifi/Harvey Norman – and their related stores (Joyce Mayne/Domayne) – exclusivity on selling Chromebooks is coming to an end with Bing Lee now selling the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook in-store and online .

The Samsung Series 3 (XE303C12) is available for $338 with a bonus pack of accessories. Where this bonus pack starts to get a little weird is that the inclusions – a software security suite and a printer – aren’t much use with a Chromebook.

The Software security suite Titanium Maximum Security from Trend Micro is unfortuntately only for’ Windows 8 PCs and tablets, Macs and Android tablets and smartphones’. The Printer, the Epson XP100 is a nice basic little multi-function inkjet printer, however it’s not a Google Cloud Print compatible printer, nor can you connect it to your Chromebook for local printing.

Still, it’s not too bad a deal, and it’s good to see other stores getting Chromebooks in stock, but a lot has to be said for Google running a training program for JB HiFi and Harvey Norman staff and presumably their buyers prior to the devices going on-sale. So, if you have a Bing Lee near you you can head in and check out the deal.

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