Nexus 7 Kogan
Kogan has just announced that they will be selling the Nexus 7 (2013) through their website.

Kogan state that they have both the 16GB and 32GB available and advise the units will ship in 1-2 Business days. The 16GB is selling for $339 while the 32GB is priced at $389. Both units require shipping on top which will cost an additional $19.

The tablet comes with a 1 year Australian warranty, with options to expand to 3 year or 5 years for an additional $59 or $69. The tablet also comes with a 14 Day money back guarantee. There is also a limit of 2 per customer.

That makes two online retailers selling the Nexus 7 (2013), when will Google launch the Nexus 7 (2013) here? The UK has a rumoured launch date of the 28th of August, sound off in the comments when you think Australia will get the official launch.

Source: Kogan.
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ordered one from kogan on the 4th and received postage and tracking info today (7th) its currently in transit in Hong Kong.


Where is the LTE version?

Daniel Tyson

We’re going to have to wait for the European version with Band 3 connectivity for the 1800MHz network in Australia. So far it hasn’t made an appearance, nor has the Nexus 7 (2013) been released in Europe yet, hopefully it won’t be too long before it is released and we can then either import it or Google will release it here as well.


shouldn’t we wait for the 3G version?


eglobal have them cheaper at 279 and 329 AUD respectively. good website have bought a tf600t and nexus 10 through them delivered into WA. order from them before kogan, they have become a rip off same with mobicity, Going into the local electronic shops are now cheaper.


Eglobal only ships the nexus 7 at the end of August, it gives a good indication of the actual pricing but I think it would most likely be more at the play store.


So you’re trying to say eglobal has become a local electronic shop?


Just bought one through Kogan it said it will ship in the 5/8 so should get it on the 7/8 if the 1-2 day ship is ligit. Thought the Kogan pricing was good considering original 16GB one went for $299 AUD and this model is $30 US more so rough guestimate would put it Around $350-$360 AUD for 16GB and probably $390 or more for 32GB model. We will see once aussie play store has it but I think I did alright this time round.


I might actually get my nexus 7 today as it is in transit from last night, woohoo.

Nick Tsiotinos

I’ve got the first Nexus 7 and I’ve just updated it to 4.3. It is like a new tablet. I don’t think I’ll be buying the second one, as the one I’ve got now runs so well.


I put in an order too – Hope to get it by 11th August Sister’s birthday. If I don’t whinge here… it’ll mean I got it 😉 Will update you guys anyhow

wali bak

play store australia will sell the 16gb for 280,

Joshua Hill

Or $300 and $350 for 32gb according to a lot of pundits including some Ausdroid writers.


You can buy the 16gb Nexus 7 from B&H photo for ~AUD$300 delivered. Much better deal.


Am I missing something or is Kogan’s pricing actually reasonable?


This price gouging at least for me means I’m *much* less likely to consider using Mobicity or Kogan in the future.


NO WAY will this ship in 1-2 days…but i bought 2 anyway


Good on ya Nicky! Fingers crossed:) Tell us how it goes!


as expected from Kogan:
“You can expect to receive your courier tracking information by email within 2 – 3 weeks.”

stupid basterwards!


Kogan are known to promise to have stocks of sought after devices before they are launched in Australia, but will push back the shipping date for weeks and weeks.

Can a brave soul order one and report back in a week as to the result?

Martin Leonard

Mobicity also say they have it in stock but more expensive. Can I wait until September….

Sujay Vilash

Don’t believe Mobitcity for a second. When I was buying my HTC One from them, they said they had it in stock but it took them 6 weeks to deliver due to “supplier stock issues”. I will never buy another product from them.


“…with options to expand to 3 year or 5 years for an additional $59 or $69.”
Oh, so they’ve got the sucker option, terrific.

Anyways, looking forward to the new model. Ever since I got a Nexus 4, I won’t use anything else – pure Android or GTFO.