With a large number of mainstream applications working on Chromecast support, it’s great to see other developers also working on their own Chromecast applications and well known Android developer Koush has already shown off an app that shares local files to Chromecast through the Gallery App and now he’s back showing off a new application that incorporates the sharing intents from Android into Dropbox to allow users to stream video files from Dropbox to Chromecast.

The video shows off the app in action, and in the commenst of his Google+ post, Koush advises that there is a slight delay of 10-15 seconds due to Dropbox being a little slow. Koush also advises that this sharing from a cloud service could be done with Google Drive as well.

In the comments, Koush also outlines his eventual plans for the apps he’s developed so far advising in response to a question about how he will distribute the apps he’s developed :

I’m going to release some open source, free, and paid Play apps. I haven’t decided on what each will be, what they will include, pricing, or anything like that.

Of course, distribution is a little way off yet; according to the terms of the Chromecast SDK, Google still needs to give written permission for any Chromecast app to be distributed. We await any further developments from Koush and other developers with interest, just as we await the arrival of Chromecast in Australia.

What other functions would you like to see from Chromecast?

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    The function I would like to see is me being able to buy this sukka!

    Daniel Tyson

    I don’t think anyone will disagree with that sentiment.