HTC are hinting at something with one of their latest tweets, sent out only a few hours ago Australian time. The tweet which begins with “Big things ahead” contains a Vine video embedded which may actually be their $12 Million Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr.

As you can see it’s a brief – well 6 seconds – video which basically shows what appears to be Robert Downey Jr as he leaps out of a Helicopter and high fives someone. The video drops a couple of interesting phrases:

  • Here’s to change
  • Happy telephone company

With the ‘Big Things Ahead’ tag line, could this be the first official indication that the rumoured HTC One Max which was caught on camera for the first time recently is going to be announced shortly? Or is it a hint at an as yet unseen HTC branded tablet?

If it is indeed Robert Downey Jr, this is sure to be only the first of many videos to come after their much publicised deal with the Hollywood superstar. There’s not a lot to go on right now but following the #HTChange hashtag will prove interesting as the rumours continue to fly.

What do you hope HTC are hinting at? Let us know in the comments below

Source: HTC Twitter.
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Sujay Vilash

I would love to see a HTC 7″ tablet based on the HTC One design with BoomSound and BlinkFeed. The specs would have to be good with uSD slot for storing media. But if the specs are good (2GB of RAM, NFC, All the usuall mod-cons AND uSD slot), I would buy such a tablet and ditch my gNexus 7 in a heartbeat.