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According to a number of people and articles around, many feel that Twitter’s Video sharing social app – Vine – is dying a slow painful death because of the recently introduced 15 second video sharing feature in Instagram. Well, if that’s the case, then the Vine team certainly aren’t listening to those rumours.

Vine has recently added an update to their App in Google Play which allows users to share their public videos to Facebook as well as the normal Twitter sharing. It also introduces push notifications for ‘new likes, comments, and mentions’ so you won’t miss any interactions on your six second masterpiece.

Make sure you update your Vine app within Google Play or install it if you haven’t yet checked out Twitters video sharing service.You can have a look at the update through the play store directly.

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Price: Free

Do you use Vine – if so, any reason you prefer it to Instagram?

Source: VineGoogle Play Store.