Welcome to the 81st episode of the Ausdroid podcast!

This week we had a bumper crop of podcast participants as Jason was joined by Scott, Geoff and Dan. Dan has made the entire team jealous by being the first of us to get a new Nexus 7, so he mainly came by to gloat and tell us how awesome it is (spoiler: it’s pretty awesome).

Tensions ran high in the Ausdroid team over the weekend as it split into two distinct groups – those of us who hate Motorola for bypassing Australia with the Moto X, and those of us who … well, don’t really care. Both Dan and Scott published opinion pieces on the matter over the weekend, so we thought it would be a good idea to get them both on to discuss their opinions live on the air for you all. The result? Why spoil it…

Featuring: Jason Murray, Dan Tyson, Scott Plowman and Geoff Fieldew.


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