A new rumour is floating around the internet and it involves two things that I’m a bit of a fan of – Nexus and Motorola.

According to a Google+ post from Taylor Wimberly – founder of the Android site, Android and Me – a new smartphone will come out of the Google owned hardware manufacturer Motorola and it won’t be a Moto X based phone. The Google+ post is brief, simply stating :

Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X).

That’s it. It’s a pretty basic rumour right now, but Taylor was actually pretty much spot on in his predictions on the Moto X in a post he wrote up on their site back in April.

This rumour flys in the face of a Nexus based on the LG G2, but could be a possibility, given the relationship between Google and Motorola. The question is, would it be advisable? Members of the Open Handset Alliance(OHA) must be a little worried at the possibility of Motorola getting favour from Google with regards to Android, but releasing the Moto X using Android 4.2.2 must surely ameliorate those concerns somewhat. But, a ‘Nexus X’ or ‘Nexus Razr’ would certainly be quite nice.

Thoughts on a Motorola based Nexus? Possibility or just rumour?

Source: Taylor Wimberly.
Via: Droid-life.
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Let me see
Htc: 1 Nexus
Samsuck: 3 Nexus
LG: 1 Nexus
Motorola: 0 Nexus
Sony: 0 Nexus

yup totally Motorola gettin favor from google?


Let me see
Htc: 1 Nexus
Samsuck: 3 Nexus
LG: 1 Nexus

yup totally Motorola getting a favor from Google.


i was hoping it was based on the G2, because the specs as amazing


For me, I want the next Nexus phone to be made by either Sony, Moto, HTC or even ASUS. That’s would be great.


nexus v or motorola nv



My nexus S is hobbling along till the next nexus comes out. I don’t want to have held off on the nexus 4 for 6 months to end up with a Motorola!

Elliot Kotis

Moto is Google now, a Moto Nexus would just be Google.

Dennis Bareis

I don’t see why multiple vendors shouldn’t all have the chance to create Nexus devices. I’m thinking the LG G2 based would be great for now, if they do a “Google Play Edition”, I’ll have to look into exactly what that means before buying it.


Haha, i am right. Finally we get the news about moto nexus. Hope the device is based on moto x not razr. Thanks Google, no Korean nexus again.


If that’s the case I really hope for a google edition G2


I’ll be happy if it has factory images available… Also not really sold on the look of the G2, so also happy if the next Nexus is not based off that


I quite like the hardware of Motorola phones, and I love the software of Android, so it seems to be a good match for me.

As long as it has an S800 in it, then I don’t mind who makes it.

Daniel Tyson

Dunno about them using the S800, after the issues with the Qualcomm GPU in the new Nexus 7, if they use them again it would probably run into the same issues. 🙁

Elliot Kotis

Probably go back to Tegra 4. Hopefully, go back to Tegra.