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According to a report on GSM arena and VR-Zone, ASUS presented a roadmap of their upcoming devices in France a couple of days ago, which aside from the already announced Nexus 7 and the Memo Pad HD 7 mentions three new previously unheard of devices – the PadFone Mini, MeMO Pad HD 8 and MeMOFone HD 5.

The slides below which show the devices names merely mentions them, there are no specs nor any hardware or official description on the three devices.

VR Zone speculates that the PadFone Mini could possibly be launched as something along the lines of the HTC One mini or the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, but could also refer to another full-sized PadFone but with a downsized tablet in tow possibly. All we can think of is, that name….so it’s a phone then?

With regards to the MeMO Pad HD 8, the 8 will most likely refer to an 8″ display with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, and possibly similar specs to the PadFone HD7. As for the MeMOFone HD 5, it is believed this device could possibly will be a 5″ phone, however though, it is unclear at this stage if HD stands for 720p or 1080p.

VR Zone has stated the last device, the Transformer Pad FHD and HD, could be referring to the current Infinity and 300 series with only a name-change or either a new flagship device and auxiliary lower-resolution ‘sidekick’.

Again the slide presentations don’t give very much away and we are only speculating what these devices could be or have, but it certainly looks Like Asus is really looking to ramp up the amount of devices that they have in the market in order to capture more market share, in a very Samsung-esque move with their device line up.

What are your thoughts on the names?

Source: GSM ArenaAndroid Authority.
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Expect new Nexus 7 release but everyday there is no news. Don’t know how is Google thinking?