Looks like that was Robert Downey Jr getting off the helicopter in the vine video that HTC posted to begin their latest campaign to right their slightly shaky financial ship.

The latest ad released in the HTC #Change line is now showing on the HTC YouTube channel and is the third – or fourth if you count Vine – in a series of ads which will use Robert Downey Jr to promote HTCs products and brand.

The latest video, which shows Robert Downey Jr finally speaking, shows him apparently guessing the content of an envelope in a very Johnny Carson style psychic display – speaking his first words of the campaign – Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran. The different combinations of words starting with HTC can be seen on the HTC Homepage, where the HTC Generator will generate random combinations –
Hearty Tantalizing Chocolate – Hot Toad Cruiseliner – Hypnotic Tinsel Catamaran – Just to name a few.

The videos in the Change series so far in order :

Big Things Ahead

Prelude To Change

The Arrival

According to PR Newswire, the new campaign will begin on August 15th with a new ad, which will rollout to both TV and Cinema – hello, Val Morgan cinema advertising – in three phases, the first will show off the HTC Brand and in a ‘playful’ way explore what HTC means to people. The second phase will be a closer look at the HTC Feature set and the third phase will focus on how HTC products can help in every day life.

It’s going to be a big two years for Robert Downey Jr with HTC, let’s hope it’s been $12 million well invested for the company.

What do you think of the use of Robert Downey Jr in this role?

Source: PRNewsWire.
Via: TheVerge.
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High Tech Computer?

Sujay Vilash

Advertisements are meant to make people want to buy your product. Exactly how do these ads make people want to buy their products ? And what does Humongous, Tinfoil and Catamaran have to do with the One phone? Watch the new Samsung GS4 ad on TV and that does make you want that phone. It highlights the features and benefits. Call me old school but I thought features and benefits are what sells a product. If this is the best HTC can come up with, they are in trouble.


The ads we’ve seen so far are just part of a broader campaign that hasn’t yet been fully revealed. Judging them in isolation is not really fair. Give it a month or so for all of HTC’s advertising to roll out before drawing conclusions.


Interesting so far, think Robert is a great fit for this style.
Love the high five slap in the first clip.