Google Glass isn’t available to the public yet, but with each update, it seems one step closer, and this month’s update to Google’s reality augmenting headset is a big one. This month, those lucky Glass Explorers get access to Google Now’s cards, activated with a backwards swipe on the touchpad. We all know how Google Now works by now, and the cards specifically called out by Google as having been added to Glass are:

  • Restaurants, hotels, events;
  • Movies;
  • Emergency alerts;
  • Traffic;
  • Weather, and
  • Sports.

In addition, Glass’ main menu will now accept voice commands like ‘take a note’, which activates Evernote, and ‘post an update’, which will open in Path. These two applications are early adopters, and developers are free to hook into this functionality in their own applications.

Video playback has now been updated with seek functionality, so if you’re looking for that specific moment in a cat video montage, you can simply tap to play/pause, or swipe to fast forward or rewind.


Source: Google+.
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    Phill Edwards

    Ausdroid, isn’t there something you can do to stop these spam posts in the comments? This sort of thing, along with recent comments about the quality of some of your articles, weakens credibility and your brand. You’ve done a great job reporting Android news for Australia but you’re no longer a group of amateurs and the site needs to reflect that.

    James Finnigan

    Hi Phill, thanks for the compliment 🙂 We do actually have a spam filter, but sometimes things can sneak through. I’ll remove these now and see what we can do about it in the future.
    Thanks for the feedback!